Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Antispyware with Windows 7

SuperAntiSpyware  is a perfect Anti-Spyware product for Windows 7 , with its Multi-Task abilities such as Process Interrogation Technology, that will detect the Spywares and can remove a wide variety of pests such as Vundo, ZLob etc

This Windows 7 Anti-Spyware keeps your Windows 7  protected from the most harmful spyware which can slow down your system,harm your important documents and files, therby compromising with your confidential information.This Anti-Spyware is now compatible with the new Windows 7 operating system.

As per the users reviews this Anti-Spyware is proved to the best Anti-Spyware proved to be effective against threats, easy to use and value for money.

Super AntiSpyware 7
This Anti-Spyware has advanced detection and removal capabilities for removing the most dangerous threats.For the new Windows 7 operating system it has improved functionalities and features.It provides with the most protective antispyware solution available, alongwith monitoring stop to the spyware before they can attack.Its advanced removal and detection capabilities provides all time protection against most recent spywares.The feature of automatic defense updates keeps your Windows 7 PC protected from the new and the latest threats..It can also repair the broken Internet connections, task manager,desktops

Features Of SUPERAntiSpyware :-
* It has the ability to repair interrupted Internet connections.
* It makes use of optimized system resources.
* It can detect a large number of spywares. superantispyware windows 7 problem

Saturday, April 17, 2010

McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise 8.0

McAfee Anti-Spyware  EnterPrise 8.0

Detect any Spyware before it takes root and spreads McAfee® AntiSpyware Enterprise uses Advance  scanning to identify, proactively block, and safely eliminate spyware and other potentially unwanted programs.


Detect and block any spyware before  it installs and spreads; scan processes  and files running in memory to neutralize them before they take root trying to remove dozens of  installed applications and Stop spywares and viruses.

With the help of this efficient software  user can stop both spyware and viruses by integrating AntiSpyware Enterprise with McAfee® VirusScan® Enterprise; they share a single scanning engine to reduce system overhead and increase system performance Scan for spyware in the registry and files.
It blocks spyware reinstallation because AntiSpyware scans for both registry entries and files; by doing so, it removes top security threats and adware popups.

Using  daily auto updates Anti spyware finds  and blocks both known and unknown spyware.Your AntiSpyware Enterprise  database is maintained by McAfee® AVERT® Labs, the worlds top threat research center. AntiSpyware Enterprise can integrate with McAfee® VirusScan® Enterprise to give you spyware and virus protection using a common scanning engine for easiest management and high system performance.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

F-Secure Antivirus 2010

F-Secure Internet Security 2010 offer maximum Security without slowing your computer.The Completely Redesign Architecture of new  version offer improve performance , 70% less memory consumption ans 60% fast scanning. It also provide full protection against viruses, malware, spam-email, and cyber criminals.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

ClamWin Antivirus

 ClamWin Antivirus is Free Antivirus distributed freely  as Open Source GPL(General Public License).
It has same set of function that any Anti virus had.Powerful Virus scanner . Auto update etc. Since it is Open source program - perhaps its development by various developers, but at the same time, it makes it more vulnerable.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Norman Virus Control

Norman Virus Control Protect Your Computer from threats like virus,Trojans,worms,root kits and spy ware.
User-friendly, Easy to use, automated functionality are keywords describing the Norman Virus Control (NVC) v5 single user edition.
Norman Technology  against new viruses,worms trojans and malware.Emails are scanned for viruses before they reach the mailbox to ensure that viruses do not attack this way.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

McAfee Internet Security

A Best solution for your computer security, ideal for Internet Users for data exchange, shopping, banking and trading operations or for entertainment. An award-winning tool for web security McAfee SiteAdvisorR Plus, which warns you about dangerous Web sites and blocks them.
McAfee Internet Security protects  entire computer network from viruses, spyware, hackers, identity thieves and online fraudsters. It also provides parental control. In the products programMcAfee Internet Security , which now uses a revolutionary technology Active Protection, provides proactive protection for your computer against various threats. Now do not need to wait for hours, as when using traditional methods – the program analyzes and blocks new threats in a fraction of a second. Active Protection – the best technology to ensure protection against constantly evolving Internet threats.


Virus Protection
McAfee VirusScan Plus automatically protects your computer from viruses, mass-mailing worms, Trojans and many other viruses. The program also automatically removes viruses, or puts them in quarantine, with minimal interference in your computer.

Auto Updating:
McAfee Internet Security makes regular automatic updates, which helps to ensure a protection against evolving Internet threats.

AntiHacking Shield:
 Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic hackers and fraudsters involved in identity theft.  Quick and easy installation, customizable security levels, the function of the visual trace the path, smart alerts, full screen mode andautomatically customized functions – all this will fine-tune your protection , identify the source of the threat and act to block suspicious programs that may transfer your personal data ” in the right place. ”

Spy ware Protection:

its great feature is to detect spyware and kill them adware and other suspicious programs before they try to steal passwords to log into the system ( “keyboard loggers”), or start tracking your movements on the network or (files cookie) or output screen a large and intrusive ads while browsing the internet. Better protection based on the new built-in protection againstviruses and spyware. Now this protection detects and blocks tracking a cookie.McAfee tools to protect against viruses, spyware, spam, and firewall work together, forming a layered defense against threats to identity thieves who can use a combination of malware to steal files, credentials to enter the financial system, and other personal information, identifying the user.

Essential Features of McAfee Internet Security 2010:

 Detects, blocks, and removes viruses, spyware, and adware
 Enterprise-class Anti-spam
 Web Site Safety Ratings
Identity Protection
Data Backup
Age Appropriate Searching
 Parental Controls support for Google Chrome
Alerts you to websites that may try to steal your identity
Confidently use the Internet 24/7 knowing hackers can’t get access to your PCs
 Simplified Set-up
 Power optimization.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

PC Tools Antivirus v6.0

PC Tools Anti-virus Provide defense  against viruses, worms and Trojans.Built in  Auto guard  technology. along with PC Tools AntiVirus Free magazine you are confined aligned with the for the most part immoral cyber-threats attempting to improvement access to your PC and special information. When your PC infected,virus will frequently attempt to spread itself to your friends, group and contacts by accessing your email contacts and networked PCs. The infection may additionally allow hackers to right to use archive on your PC, use it to launch attacks versus additional computers and websites or to send mass SPAM email.
PC Tools  products are trusted and used by millions of associates everyday to shelter their home and business computers counter to online threats.

PC Tools AntiVirus liberated copy play a part highlights:
• Protects your PC as you are working, surfing and in performance
• Detects, quarantines, disinfects and destroys Viruses, Trojans and Worms
• OnGuard™ protects your workstation aligned with threats in real-time
• robotically checks for frequent updates opposed to the latest threats

System Requirement:
for Windows® Vista™, XP and 2000 

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