Sunday, November 14, 2010

G DATA AntiVirus 2010

G DATA Antivirus 2010 is best for malware detection and removal . it had the highest rate of detection,
identification, defeat Trojan horses, worms, password stealers and other debris. It identified and eliminated 100 percent of the files and registry changes that malware had developed before the end of the place.The program is clear and well done and the various branches of the suite, with a menu per section to quickly access critical tasks such as throwing a virus scan.

It Keep your computer safe from all sorts of malware, including viruses, trojans,browser hijackers, dialers, worms, phishing scams and rootkits and also protects on all fronts, from email to instant messaging. It comes with a boot CD that can be used on computer prior to installation. The boot CD can run a safe Linux-based scan to locate and remove rootkits, making it possible to load antivirus software on a completely virus-free system. The other good option is its ability to scan removable media for malware. USB flash drives, memory cards, CD and DVD-roms, and external hard drives can be checked. G DATA could be set to monitor emails you send to others and make sure that you don’t accidentally pass on malware.

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