Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Find The Best Antivirus Software

Anti virus are those types of software that significantly prevented the use of computer programs, from viruses and Trojan horses. basic techniques of anti-virus programs used in the following way.The analysis files after finding some viruses and suspicious behavior by a computer program that are infected during work. If the programs are found after infection,Try anti-virus software or a few things, including the attempt to the infected file from the actual virus from the file repair to do yourself, the file is in quarantine inaccessible. As a result, the virus can not spread in the situation. It can  also delete a file or program itself.There are many ways to used best anti-virus programs. One of them is to imitate, to code that can not try to be available.The goal would be to avoid damage to the programs and executable files. Deal Resuly dealing with emergencies in the computer system.There are other methods, the use of the best antivirus sandbox.A sandbox emulates the operating system itself, literally, and then run as an executable file or program in this situation.

Which Antivirus software is best for user?

The main problem is which is the best anti-virus program for user, there are many of them that we can choose. Some of them are Norton Anti Virus, Anti Virus note, McAfee antivirus, EZ Antivirus, and Symantec Anti-virus software. Be so if you try to decide on the best anti-virus software, you really learn and understand each option in a position to reach a final decision. Some other popular antivirus solutions include Proland Software MicroWorld, BitDefender, Quick Heal, Cisco Security Agent, Dr.Web, GFI WebMonitor GFI MailSecurity and Kaspersky Anti Virus, Panda Business Secure, Ant iVirus Sophos, Trend Micro, Uniware, Vexira and Virus Chaser.


  1. Well... I think the best antivirus for you is the one that helps you avoid problems you've had in the past. I've seen the blue screen of death twice because I accessed unsecure internet pages (of course, I didn't know they were unsecure until it was too late). Now I bought AVG Threat Labs. Usually I don't spend money on antiviruses but I thought this one was worth it since it scans webpages before I access them.

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